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Universidad de Santiago de Chile


Mar, 10/07/2014 - 15:52 -- cristian.rodriguez.e

Practical Seminar
Integration of Renewable Energy Resources using DIgSILENT PowerFactory (Basic V15): Generic Model


The planning, design, and operation of power system s require properly-conceived and adequately-conducted studies in order to evaluate existing and proposed system performance, reliability, safety, and economics. These studies are a powerful cost-effective way to prevent surprises and to optimize equipment selection. System’s studies at design stage allow identifying and avoiding potential deficiencies in the system before it goes into operation. Studies help locate the cause of equipment failure and disoperation, and determine corrective measures for improving system performance in existing systems. Renewable energy resources (RES) have behaviour con siderably different to the classical electro-mechanical generators, as consequence, the integration of RES impacts every single aspect on the planning, design, and operation of power systems. Carefully designed models must be used for simulations of RES and very different approached must be to establish the actual impact on the power system behaviour and to define required improvement to match system operation requirements.

DIgSILENT PowerFactory is widely used power system simulation software. It is capable of simulating from short term transient stability to long term control design situations and it is used in transmission and distribution networks, industry, wind farms, PV systems and smart

grids. There are several new features on the most recent version of PowerFactory. Version 14.1 made available a new global “Templates” library (\Library\Templates\) that contains “ready for use” models. This global templates library contains the following “ready for use” models: Double Fed Induction Wind Turbine Generator, Fully Rated Converter Wind Turbine Generator, Photovoltaic Systems and Battery Energy Storing System.

Brilliant power engineers working on operation, planning and control of power system including RES must take advantages of the new features of template library in PowerFactory 14.1 and maximize its use in integration studies. This seminar is designed to provide a comprehensive overview about the generic models included into the Templates Library in DIgSILENT PowerFactory 15.0 and their use in the main power system integration studies.


This seminar is designed for two general objectives:

  1. To provide a thorough and comprehensive overview of the most important aspects for modelling and simulation of RES for the generic models included in the Templates Library of PowerFactory 15.0.
  2. To use the generic models included in the Templates Library of PowerFactory 15.0 for the main power system integration studies using DIgSILENT.

Indicative Content

The topics to be covered during the seminar include:

  • Introduction to modelling and simulation of RES
  • Introduction to integration studies, grid code requirements
  • General overview of Wind Energy and Photovoltaic
  • Generator concepts in PowerFactory
  • Short circuit analysis considering RES
  • Introduction to time-domain simulations in power system –Stability function, RMS simulations-
  • Overview of the generic models, model description, Template library description, Template structure, model’s parameters, customization of the model, running simulations: Load flow, Short circuit and Dynamic simulation (RMS):
    - Wind turbine generator (WTG) with fully rated converter
    - Doubly Feed Induction Generator (DFIG)-WTG
    - Generic Photovoltaic (PV) model.
    - Battery Energy Storage System